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Quick Disaster Recovery Plan and Remote Access Tips

As the COVID-19 pandemic widens across the U.S., federal state and local authorities are mandating the avoidance of small group gatherings and are encouraging social distancing. If you are considering remote access for your employees, continue reading.

Things to consider for your business:


  • Have you identified job roles critical to the operation of the business?
  • Have you identified primary personnel for each critical job role?
  • Can critical job roles be delivered remotely or via alternative methods?
  • Have you identified technical resources required by critical job roles?
  • Do personnel identified for key job roles require VOIP or other business communications infrastructure?
  • If required, is there a scheduling process in place to maintain a skeleton staff of required onsite personnel?
    • Does this process account for a potentially higher infection rate in this part of your staff?
    • Does your skeleton staff require additional protections from infection (procedures, facemasks, and other bio-gear?)

Providing remote access to your staff.

  1. Use VOIP technology to move entire departments offsite. Company phones are still answered and used to make calls. Physical hardware not always needed.
  2. Provide secure remote access.
  3. Install security solutions on remote computers to protect computer with continued access.
  4. Create a Mobile Device Policy and or Remote Work Place that outlines the control measures you are taking on the remote computer to ensure data privacy and integrity.
  5. Add battery UPS backup to your office computers to prevent power flickers from interrupting access.

Things to be careful with when using remote access software

  1. If not using Microsoft Remote Desktop, ensure the company computer screen is blacked-out so that no one at the office can see the screen. For Example: Team Viewer
  2. If using Microsoft Remote Desktop, ensure RDP ports are not open by using third party access and authentication solutions. -Requires Active Directory
  3. Enforce complex passwords. Use pass-phrases instead. Myd0g$pikeIsKing!
  4. Don’t open ports. If you have to open ports, use software that blocks IPs after 3 unsuccessful logon attempts. Restrict in-bound IPs where possible.

If you need any help or have additional questions, please feel free to call us at 956-475-3519 or email us at

Above all – Be Safe!

Omar Garcia
Owner, RGV CompuTech, LLC

Additional Resources:
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Total IT Care

We'll take care of all of your IT needs for one flat rate.  Staff get support when they need it!

Prevent Disasters!

Managed backup recovery service keeps you working in the event of a system crash or hardware failure.

Cyber Security

Next Generation endpoint protection. Advanced threat response, end point detection and response.

HIPAA Compliant IT Firm

We are a HIPAA trained IT firm for healthcare businesses. Don't just let anyone on your network!

RGV CompuTech: trusted computer support for medical clinics and small businesses throughout the Rio Grande Valley – Let us help you today!

Maybe you’re concerned with the current rising costs of your IT services, or maybe you are just running short on time because of your expanding your business and need to hand over the reins of some services to someone else. Whatever your reason, we can help you with quality IT services today.

Your business can save money and time today with RGV CompuTech’s managed services, network solutions, IT support and more.

RGV CompuTech, LLC is an IT firm that understands small business owners need dependable technology to remain competitive and avoid down time that costs business owners money, introduces frustration and affects consumer relations.

We specialize in proactive network monitoring, data protection, network security and help desk support specifically tailored for local small businesses within a 30 mile radius of Alamo, TX that are sick and tired of annoying computer problems and waiting for computer guys that can’t fix things right.

Unlike other IT firms, RGV CompuTech improves business networks with applications that solve work-flow problems, improve staff collaboration, protect data and secure networks. Included with our proactive support plans is a 30-day money back guarantee that ensures small business owners can rest assured their staff are working on business operations and not on IT problems.

So if your business is in McAllen, Harlingen, Weslaco, Edinburg or Mission RGV CompuTech can help you today.


What Every Small Business Owner and Manager Must Know About Protecting And Preserving Their Company's Critical Data And Computer Systems

If You Depend On Your Computer Network To Run Your Business, This Is One Report You DON’T Want To Overlook!



WE TAKE SYSTEM UPTIME SERIOUSLY: Disasters can strike at any time and range from a hardware failure to a hacker holding your data hostage with ransomware. You cannot afford to stop taking care of customers, lose proposals or recreate CAD drawings and we ensure continued access of your business applications. We use a multilayered approach to system uptime that keeps your system free of viruses, malware, security holes, help protect you against cyberattacks and protect your data with the correct storage redundancy and backup technique.


WE’RE INSURED AND HIPAA COMPLIANT: We’re covered with an errors and omission policy for your protection. Healthcare organizations are required to work with firms a.k.a. Business Associates that are HIPAA compliant as well. Our staff is trained in HIPAA compliancy and we have our policies and procedures available for your review. Our compliancy services help healthcare organizations perform a Risk Assessment that is pertinent to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information.


WE SUPPORT BOTH ON-PREMISE AND CLOUD APPLICATIONS: You need a local IT support firm that is vendor agnostic and helps your staff adopt new work-flows for proper data flow. You and your staff focus on taking care of customers and not application issues as we are your local go-to support specialists. We don’t just fix computers, we make them run!


30-MINUTE RESPONSE TIME: Your urgency matters to us. Whether it's an issue that impacts your business operations or an issue that only affects a single user, we answer our phones live and we’ll have a technician on your issue within 30 minutes or less. We are onsite in 1 hour for emergency calls and we work with software vendors and parts suppliers for fast system restoration.


PEACE OF MIND: We take the hassle out of maintaining your entire network because we monitor all of our client’s networks 24/7/365 so you never have to worry that a virus has spread, a hacker broke in or a backup has failed to perform. Managers and staff focus on business operations - customer service, not on IT systems, security and backups.


Response Time, Availability & Knowledge is Second To No One!

If you’re looking for an IT company whether you’re are just starting out or your practice needs a re-evaluation of your current IT infrastructure, don’t hesitate to work with Omar and RGV CompuTech.

Since our transition to eClinicalWorks in 2011, RGV CompuTech has been with us every step of the way with recommendations and input to do what is best for our practice. RGV CompuTech’s service response time, availability and knowledge allows us to focus on patient care and not worry about network problems.

Good service is not a matter of cost. It is getting the job done. Give Omar a call today.

Roger Heredia, M.D. Mid Valley Family Practice Associates
Weslaco, Texas

Experienced Reliable Competent Service

Are you tired of trying to fix your own IT problems? STOP and call Omar at RGV CompuTech.

As a medical doctor, I can do my job of taking care of patients and not worry about computer problems because I get prompt, competent, reliable service. I benefit from knowing that I have an IT team I can easily call on for any of my IT needs.

If you’re using an electronic medical record system to run your practice, contact the experienced professionals at RGV CompuTech today for any system upgrade, frozen computer or network problems.

Joslyn Oakes, M.D. Charming Pediatrics
Weslaco, Texas

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